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  • Manual release pump
Manual release pump

Manual release pump

  • Product description: Manual release pump for scissor lift and other mobile equipment.

The MRP660 is a designed to replace the existing expensive and complex hydraulic brake manual release pumps used in various types of mobile equipment. MRP660 is commonly used to release various types of hydraulic brake springs, which allow the equipment to be moved to the pits or to the gas station.

 When using MRP660, the equipment operator must depress the valve stem until it is firmly seated, then must reciprocate the pump stem until the brake is released. If the hydraulic circuit is pressurized at any time during or after the MRP660 releases the brakes, the valve stem will automatically pop up and the mobile device will resume normal operation. 

This is a built-in safety feature that ensures the normal braking action of the equipment does not suddenly fail. MRP660 is a cost-effective product with superior performance and design flexibility compared to existing products

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