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Changsha WINDE Machinery Co.,Ltd, an integrated supplier of Heavy machinery, industrial equipment and parts,is located in Changsha city where is heavy machinery center of China.Over a decade of experience and active efforts, the company was established to provide one stop solution for construction & engineering, rental, building maintenance and cleaning, oil and gas,road construction, bridges, tunnels, airports and seaport in South America,Southeaset Asia, Europe, Mideast etc. A good reputation was attached to WINDE worldwidely because of our operation principle of honesty and trustworthiness.

From the very initial foundation, we focused on R&D, manufacture and sales of aerial work platform and parts, concrete machine and parts. All products are produced under ISO9001: 2015 quality system and conform to CE standard, and we are constantly committed to the research and application of high-end smart industrial equipment technology to improve equipment performance and reduce energy consumption.Adhering to the management philosophy of "More honesty, more trust", we look forward to establishing a close partnership with yo with following main business range:

  • Heavy machinery: Aerial work platform,scissor lift and boom lift,concrete placing boom and concrete pump.
  • Parts supply range: AWPs, MEWPs, manlift, forklift, conrete machine, excavator,crane etc.
  • Metal products: Metal bearing, galvanized steel roll, CRC full hard roll.

At the first stage, we will focus on international market, helping good quality and reputation machinery and parts products to help more in this industry.We will also welcome a partnership of foreigh products who would like to develop China market together with WINDE.



Contact: Ms Liu

Phone: 0086-18973173655

Tel: 0086-18973173655

Email: sales@cnwinde.com

Add: Hexiang Science Park,Changsha,China

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